Checklist for driving in the snow

It’s an unfortunate fact that many folks across the nation will have to drive in the snow.  And some of them will have to do it for a good portion of the year, sometimes in blizzard like conditions or with near zero visibility.  Regardless of whether you live in an area where you may rarely if ever have to drive in it or it is quite commonplace, there are things you have to do to ensure that you are adequately prepared for this – face it – dangerous and unnerving task.

Make sure that you have winter tires.  Yes, we know there are those of you who are going to say “but I have ABS and all these fancy braking systems”.  Well, hey good for you, but you still need tires that are specifically made to maneuver as safely as possible.  And no, we’re not talking all terrain tires here but the real deal themselves…snow tires.  And make sure you measure the pressure level at least every two weeks.

Have your car thoroughly checked and serviced before the snow kicks in.  Trust us on this one.  It is a world of difference between getting stranded on a clear day when the weather is great and getting trapped in sometimes blinding snow, possibly in blizzard conditions.  Sure, it will cost you but hey, it goes with the territory when you live in these parts.  Find a good, reputable and qualified mechanic that you can deal with on a regular basis.

In addition to the no-brainer suggestion of checking your battery before heading off into the snow, make sure that your charging system is up to par as well.  You will want a battery that has a high Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating.

Have the proper ratio of coolant to water in your antifreeze.  The recommended rule of thumb is 50 percent water and 50 percent coolant.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that 100 percent coolant is better, it’s not.  The coolant/water mix has a much lower freezing point.

And do make sure that your gas tank is as close to full as possible before driving in snow.  Now, we don’t really have to go into the reasons for this, do we?  Next, make sure you have a well and completely stocked rescue kit with you.  In other words, you want it to resemble a winter survival kit.

And please, do not be one of those people who forget snow chains.  In a great many places in the country you plain and simple are not going to be allowed to drive unless you have them on your tires.  Or if you come upon a checkpoint and the authorities discover you do not have any to put on you will not be allowed to go any further.

Of course, the best thing of all is to avoid driving in the snow period.  But we understand that some folks – to a certain extent – have to go out in it.  Follow the guidelines listed above and you will greatly reduce your chances of encountering problems.

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Top tips for selling your car

Trying to sell your car might be frustrating as you aren’t sure where to start or how to make sure you reach the right audience to sell your car to someone who deserves it and who will pay the right price for it.


Top tips for selling your car:

Know your market

Different cars have different needs and you will find that they will sell at various times.

  1. Family cars and vans are the most needed and are most likely to sell faster than other types of cars.
  2. Convertibles and sports cars: although they are in high demand, those sell more often in the spring and summer seasons.
  3. Vans and trucks: those are more often than not used for work, you will be more likely to sell them to handy people, crafters or construction workers.
  4. Collection and vintage cars: Those types of cars are the most difficult to sell. Your best bet is to advertise in specific forums and at fairs.

Advertise your car

Online, in classified ads and in your office, posting an ad on the car with a phone number to make sure it reaches out. Consider, posting an ad in your neighborhood garage. Properly design your ads so that it shows the car and gives all the information a buyer might need.

Price it carefully

Check what cars in a similar model and condition are selling for, so you are not underpricing your car, but to also make sure you do not overprice it.

Prepare your car

Make sure you take care of your car and repair any issues that might not be properly functioning. Vacuum the inside and make sure it is clean. Keeping it in a safe clean area, preferably a garage, is highly recommended – Surveys show the number one question asked by Australian’s when buying a used car is whether or not is has been garaged.

Be smart when showing your car

Screen your potential buyers over the phone and do not conduct business with someone you do not trust. Try to arrange a meeting in a public place where you can meet a potential buyer, perhaps a garage might be a good idea. Do not hesitate to allow the potential buyer for a test drive, they need to make sure the car suits them before they buy it.  Check for their driver’s license and ride with them.

Seal the deal

Know the strengths of your car and make sure to properly negotiate it. Learn all the legal paper work that you need to complete to sell and transfer the ownership of your car easily.

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Useful Tips For Detailing Your Car At Home

Every car owner likes the thought of taking their car to a professional for a complete detail.  However, that can sometimes turn out costly.  Then on the other hand, there are also those folks who even if they can afford it would like to do it themselves.  It is for these people that this article is intended.  Following we will go into some of the things you need to know if you decide to do your auto detailing at home.

Tip Number One.  Know exactly what kind of supplies that you are supposed to use on your particular vehicle.  Not all cars respond favorably to the same products.  Everything from the kind of wax, tire cleaner, etcetera must take into account the type of vehicle they are going to be used on.

Tip Number Two.  Many people are not aware of how to really clean their car rugs and mats.  They think in terms of vacuuming when in reality an air compressor followed by the vacuum is the best way to go.  Think about it.  The compressor will blow all the dust out of every inch and crevice of your mats, making vacuuming a breeze.

Tip Number Three.  Hit the air ducts.  If your vehicle has a less than pleasant smell it could be that the air ducts need a good cleaning.  Here the trick is to hit them with a good blast of compressed air.  Make sure that you get behind the vent grilles when you do as this is where lots of dirt and dust make their homes.

Tip Number Four.  Yet another do it yourself detailing move most people don’t know about.  When cleaning your tires and wheels use products that do not contain acid.  This can cause damage to alloy based wheels.  Also, when using degreaser on wheels and tires, be extra careful not to get any on your vehicle’s paint.

Tip Number Five.  Do it by hand.  Yes, there is no better way to make sure the job is done right while familiarizing yourself with the texture and fine points of your car than by hand washing it.

Tip Number Six.  Use more than one of everything.  This includes buckets, rags, cloths and so forth.  If you use only one particular item for your entire car there is a pretty good chance you are going to just be spreading some of the mess you are trying to clean up around to other parts of the car.

Tip Number Seven.  This one is super important.  Clean your car in the proper order.  Start with the interior.  Then proceed to the wheels.  From there you proceed to the roof followed by the windows and then the hood and trunk.  Any polishing and waxing should always be done dead last.

And always remember that there are numerous sources you can tap into to find out the best way to detail your automobile.  The people you buy your supplies from may be helpful.  Also, there are various forums all over the internet devoted to auto detailing.  You can also watch online videos.  And lastly, there are plenty of books and DVD’s on the subject.  Follow these tips and your do it yourself auto detailing endeavors should go a lot smoother.

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What You Need To Know About Electric Vehicles

Electric powered vehicles and news about them is popping up with increased frequency at a rapid pace.  Some say they are the future of the automotive industry while others look at them merely as a possible alternative to the gas powered automobile.  Regardless, one thing is for sure; they are here to stay.  To what extent in the long run is anybody’s guess.  In this article we will provide you with what you need to know about electric vehicles.

Electric cars are viewed as a much friendlier alternative to the traditional automobile, especially in terms of being environmentally friendly.  This is even more so in highly populated areas where pollution and smog are rife.

As their name implies, electric vehicles run by an electric motor which is charged by a power station at the owner’s home as well as electric vehicle charging stations at specific locations.  These electric vehicles do not emit any pollutants whatsoever.  Additionally, they provide a very smooth quiet ride for their owners.

On top of the fact their engines require considerably less maintenance than the engines of traditional gas powered automobiles.  However, do be aware that while they are an extremely environmentally friendly alternative, they do have their downside as well.

As an example, while a standard gas driven vehicle can go several hundred miles on a full tank before it needs refueling, and electric vehicle will go anywhere from perhaps 100 to 200 miles between charges.  There is talk of this increasing in the future but that remains to be seen.

And the time it takes to fully charge an electric vehicle can be up to several hours.  Many electric car owners leave their vehicle plugged in overnight.  There has been some positive movement in efforts to decrease the time necessary for a full charge however.

Other issues with electric vehicles are that the battery packs they run off of are quite pricey and may even need to be replaced more than once.  These battery packs are also quite bulky, heavy and take up a lot of room in the vehicle.

Still, regardless of some of the issues inherent in electric vehicles, they do remain popular among folks who are really adamant about stopping our dependency on foreign oil and other energy sources.  With the technological capabilities these days it can pretty much be assumed that electric vehicles will only improve over time.

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Choosing the Right Car Insurance – What to Look For

Everyone needs to have car insurance if they are planning on hitting the road and driving.  But, that does not mean that finding the best car insurance will be easy.  Choosing the right car insurance and learning what to look for does not have to be a difficult process.  It may even be a lot easier than you think if you just follow some of these tips and tricks.

Start by going through the phone book and making a list of all of the different car insurance companies.  This is a starting point because you never want to go with the first one you find.  Rather, you need to call several of them to see which ones will have the best policies for the best price.  You will never be able to find a great deal if you do not call around and find who can offer what.

Do you currently have car insurance? If you do then you will want to call them and see if they are able to save you any money.  You will see that there are a number of companies that will actually give you the opportunity to bundle a few different types of insurance into one policy and you can save money that way. It is definitely one thing that you should be looking for when it comes to choosing the right car insurance.

Find out if the insurance policy you are looking is going to offer uninsured motorists coverage.  This is necessary as you never know when you may end up in an accident with someone that does not have insurance at all.  You want to know that you are going to be covered.

Next, try to determine if the policy will have any type of medical coverage.  That does not mean that you do not need to have health insurance.  It simply means that you are going to be covered if you are injured in an accident and you need to have any type of medical treatment.  This could also cover anyone else that might be injured as well.

Finally, always make sure that the coverage you are looking at will provide you with property coverage.  If you are ever in an accident you may find that damage may be done to someone’s property.  You do not want to pay for these damages out of your own pocket.

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